What is Esports for Minecraft?

Project Based Esports


Esports is known for its fast-paced 30-45 minute team-based tournaments. While this type of gameplay is exciting, it’s not necessarily the best way to involve students in creative projects that span the multiple days, weeks, and months required for active teacher participation.


Paul Richards, the author of Esports in Education, recognized this need through his research. The question became “How can students get the most educational value out of video games?” This question is answered in detail in the book which you can download for free here. But perhaps more importantly, this question is answered with a solution that is this Minecraft Server.


This Minecraft server is built to engage students in a story-based campaign that is set in a school campus. Inside of this virtual campus teachers can request to have their own classrooms with a portal to a unique world designed for custom Minecraft building competitions. Yes, the server also offers many other traditional esports game modes… but the true power is the permission-based classrooms that can be set up for teachers to host student learning sessions.


Game Modes:


  1. Custom Build Battles (Open Server Play, MiniGames, Classroom Worlds)
  2. Player vs Player
  3. Mob Battles
  4. Bed Warz

Project Based Esports via Minecraft

Claim Your Classroom

Teachers can claim private classrooms with permissions for only their students. Classes can be given their own portal for hosting Minecraft building competitions! “Sign Up Here”


This server is designed to provide a fun and educational environment for students and educators. Explore the school and interact with characters who will lead you on an exciting adventure. Who knows, maybe you will find a portal to a new world?

About the Server

We currently only support JAVA based Minecraft clients. So you will need to run the JAVA client on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer to join.

Esports in Education

Learn more about the StreamGeek’s involvement with ESports in Education by reading our Chief Streaming Officers’ new book “Esports in Education”

Game Modes


The StreamGeeks Minecraft server has been designed to bring educational opportunities to students around the world. Are you a teacher? Request a custom classroom and launch your first Minecraft building tournament here. Are you a student? Enjoy the fun world of StreamGeek Academy and see what other students have been working on.


Join in the battle with our custom designed arenas in a Battle Royale Gamemode. Amazing Maps! Loot crates that drop from the sky! The ability to battle your friends for the top spot! You’ve never seen hunger games like this before!


If PVP isn’t your thing, you can hone your skills, and sharpen your blade for the Moba Arena! Fight Wave after wave of Mobs alone, or with a team! We’ll be adding more arenas, and soon, you’ll even have custom mobs to fight against!

Meet Our Team

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