The world of Esports has grown at a tremendous pace over the past decade. Everyone from parents to students, teachers to school districts, and businesses alike are now trying to catch up with the phenomenon.

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After attending the 2019 TwitchCon show in San Diego, I left with new energy and purpose for Esports. Yes, I felt sorry for the video gamers, who admit they feel no need to leave their basement. But, I also felt invigorated about the new problems Esports, Education, and surprisingly Audio Visual Professionals are going to be able to solve together in the years to come.

In short, competitive video gaming is going to become a sport that is available to students in educational systems just like any other traditional sport ie Basketball, Football, etc. Through this process, schools are finding the need to put in place the infrastructure, curriculums, and planning required to provide educational opportunities inside of this new field.

While entire books and curriculums still need to be written to support educations efforts in this area, I’d like to share some interesting thoughts about the future.

  1. Careers – Students interested in Esports may become the next wave of technology professionals. Some career paths that would seem a natural fit include Audio Visual, Broadcast, Streaming, Computer Programming, and IT. Below is a picture of a student camera operator station designed in a bartop arcade cabinet.
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2. Gamification Everywhere – With nearly 70% of all Americans playing some type of video game every day, gamification will become more and more important. Students graduating with experience in Esports will have an understanding of how this new marketing strategy can be applied today.

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Above you can see a full-sized arcade cabinet outfit with a camera control station. We plan to bring this to the StreamGeeks Summit as well.

3. Esports Industry – With the Esports industry growing larger each year, this space will become a major employer. Education is certainly considering new majors and programs that will help prepare students for these roles.

Finally, here is what we are doing. And I do think this will intrigue.

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At the 2019 StreamGeeks Summit in downtown NYC, we will be hosting an Esports Tournament. This tournament will be live-streamed to Twitch by a student-run broadcast team made up of High School and College level students (Read the press release here). We are partnering with Twitch, The Center for Educational Innovation, HighSchool.GG, LiveU and Hofstra University to pull all of this off.

Our hope is to bring this dream of Esports, Education, and Technology Careers together with some of the top minds in the video production and broadcast industry.

If you are interested in watching this event unfold, you can sign up for a free virtual ticket here:

Wish us luck and expect a whole lot more where this is coming from 🙂

Paul Richards

Chief Streaming Officer


[email protected]