Emil Bodenstein

Emil currently has emerged himself in the world of Esports. After forming Jobu Media Group in 2018, Emil was able to acquire a license from Major League Baseball Players Association and have more than 130 professional athletes participate in his first-ever online Esports Challenge. MLBPA and Jobu Media Group jointly held a live esports event with more than 20 professional athletes in Las Vegas during 2018 winter meetings. In June of 2019, Jobu Media Group was acquired by Alpha North Esports, and Emil was named Chief Executive Officer. Immediately after acquisition, Emil worked with Sony and MLBPA to organize a home run derby contest on Playstation 4 between professional baseball players and the heavyweight boxing champion of the world during All-Star weekend in Cleveland. His former agency has negotiated over $150 million in guaranteed player contracts.

Emil is a former business application and dropout prevention school teacher, and his program to help children develop reading skills was recognized by the Governor of Florida and the President of the United States. A graduate of Nova Southeastern University with a B.S. in Business Administration, Emil brings a strong sense of entrepreneurship, key industry relationships, and related industry operating experience to the company.

With over 15 years’ experience working as a baseball agent, marketing agent, and consultant, Emil has become an industry expert who understands the inner workings of the professional baseball world. His company has brokered exclusive and non-exclusive deals with players such as David Wright, Justin Morneau, Ryan Howard, Curtis Granderson, Mariano Rivera, Ryan Zimmerman, Clayton Kershaw, and many more.