CEO of Press It

Phil Kluba

Phil Kluba is the founder & CEO of ‘Press It’, a Toronto-based media production company providing innovative content solutions. Professionally active in the entertainment industry for over five years, Kluba received FACTOR funding in 2013 to produce his debut music video “The Dirty Shore.” In 2017, Kluba coordinated a production with Facebook that resulted in a live-streamed performance by Monowhales at the Facebook Canada offices, filmed and produced by Press It. The stream garnered over 1,000,000 views.

Most recently, Kluba produced a three-part Facebook Live pilot that featured live interviews hosted by Hayley Elsaesser, backstage green room experiences and musical performances by MKLA, The Elwins, and Monowhales. The collective campaign has a reach of over 3.5 million and continues to grow today.

Combining his personal experiences in the industry with his knowledge of branding and content creation, Kluba has positioned Press It on the cutting edge of online content development. Since its launch in 2014, Press It has provided content solutions for businesses such as Rogers Communications, William F. Whites International, Shopify, SOVI Creative, Twitter Canada, Warner Music Canada, Coalition Music, Canada’s Music Incubator, Chris Smith Management, Erica Ehm (Yummy Mummy Club), and musical acts Justin Nozuka, Monowhales, MKLA, The Elwins, Command Sisters, and many more.